Adelaide South Australia +61 423 276 646

web design and social media

Oliver brings an unusually complete set of skills to web design for the hospitality and wine industry. Her career previous to cooking was a graphic illustrator and over the years she has maintained and improved these skills and continues t stay abreast of the newest design software. Ann understands marketing tactics for the industry, but she also understands the heart of a restaurant and what brings guests to their doors. Equally where a wine brand sits and what their consumers want. Her ability to write and do the photography and the complete graphics package from brand design, stationary right through to web site, mainchimp and social media places her in a unique position. 

Oliver is constantly adding to her web design and management skills.. Her own sites are an example of her originality…she understands what a lot of businesses are looking for but brings her industry knowledge to the table with excellent examples of innovation and modernity that can be confronting for the client. As she will point out what you need may not be what you think you want…like for instance if you can’t take a decent picture that looks like it’s been take by a professional…give instagram a wide berth! Oliver is also experienced with FaceBook ads

Oliver has almost 1,000 twitter followers and admits it is more about politics and justice [her second passion] than it is about cooking.  She can offer good advice about instagram, FaceBook and Facebook ads and maintains up to the minute knowledge about skills and trends. Oliver jokes she likes the fact that viewers do not suspect that she is in her seventies!


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