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‘Mainly Flowers’ is now an on-line exhibition only. The complete exhibition has been available for two weeks to previous purchasers. Apologies to overseas purchasers that you did not have an advance opportunity to preview the work. For some inexplicable reason the list could not be found.

To view the catalogue please click here – a painting can only be previewed by appointment. Appointments can be made by email or telephone – please include your mobile number in the email. Please note that paintings on hold are not available for general viewing. Please always refresh the catalogue url before asking for an appointment to check the painting is available.

Ann Oliver

Last updated December 18, 2021

EAT MY ART TWO 4 – 22 August at Chianti Classico Ristorante, 160 Hutt Street, Adelaide …an official SALA 2014 event.

An exhibition of water colours on paper and oils on canvass in combination with a series of lunches with matched wines

exhibition of water colours on paper and oils on canvass in combination with a series of lunches with matched wines.

Less than a mile
Rockford Wines, Barossa Valley, South Australia

collaboration with the JAM FACTORY glass where food became glass art

Earth + Water + Wind + Fire = GASTRONOMY
Liquid Hair, Adelaide South Australia

Mainly Fruit
Liquid Hair, Adelaide South Australia…and

Studio Rouge

River Cafe Singapore

The Other Side of Me
Liquid Hair, Adelaide South Australia

The annual Universal Wine Bar poster

Fresh 2
Liquid Hair, Adelaide South Australia

Urbrae House, Adelaide South Australia

Food Art, Sydney, Australia
collaboration with ‘Sunday’ Philip Hopkins, photographer Robyin Sellick, chef Fiona Pawelski and model Josephine Gillespe…larger than life images The Chocolate Dress and The Toffee Dress – currently held in the archives of the State Library of South Australia

The Chalice and the Empty Plate
The Bride of the Foetal Caul
collaboration with photographer Helen James

Prior to opening Mistress Augustine’s Restaurant Ann Oliver worked as a scientific illustrator and graphic artist. For full details of this period of Oliver’s practice refer to biography – prior

Art and many crafts have always have always been part of Oliver’s art practice. The State and National Library have collections of her hand painted menus that were made for special dinner at Mistress Augustine’s but particularly sought after were her Bastille Day menus.

Despite an incredibly busy schedule running Mistress Augustine’s Ann continued to paint and most of these paintings were sold from the walls of the restaurant, the most famous of which was sold during a grand prix. ‘Trashed at Stars’ was much sought after and selling it had always been resisted; finally succumbing the owner was decided with the last toss of a coin.

Oliver has a diploma in Advertising and Design, from the then South Australian School of Art.

Oliver is also a keen seamstress and laughs that “at eleven I had my own fashion label and wanted to be a fashion designer and artist….what the hell went wrong!”

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