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Since closing Mistress Augustine’s Restaurant in 1992 Oliver has had multiple consultancies whilst at the same time running her own high-end catering business working at the very pointy end. Oliver notes that she is not paid to tell people what they would like to hear, and that often a client can find the truth quite confronting. She points out that when it is the management who have commissioned the consultancy who have let things slide they sometimes need to go away and reflect on her report.

Her ability to turn around a failing businesses was first recognised when she worked for receivers Ernst & Young at the Astor Hotel [1993]. Her experience is from large operations to very small. She has opened two international hotels in Adelaide South Australia, the Radisson Adelaide (now the Sebel) with colleague Executive Chef Ray Mauger [1998] and The Ramada Plaza Pier (now The Oaks Glenelg with with multiple restaurants and bars) as solo executive chef [2003].

Oliver has also opened a broad range of smaller operations and consulted to dozens of other hospitality businesses. In these roles, in the past 25 years she has mentored scores of industry professionals. Conflict resolution, marketing advice and strategies, innovation and social media (including social media etiquette) are just some of the many areas she has expertise in. She is as at home in the kitchen training staff as she is sitting down in the board room with management offering clear and constructive options for problem solving or advice for the next stage of their business development and what stages need to be undertaken to deliver the desired result. Oliver brings to all consultancies very broad-based expertise gathered by taking on every challenge put before her in the hospitality industry over many years.

Additionally Oliver’s writing, photography and graphic skills have frequently been well used preparing presentations and documentation.

In the kitchen, Oliver has always been extremely hands-on and has a very direct approach. Despite that she has established long, and lasting relationships with many of her past clients and life-long relationships with many of the culinary professionals she has mentored.

The extent of Oliver’s work has not been limited to Adelaide and she has also worked extensively in mainland China including Shanghai and Chengdu and done high level promotions in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Retired, now for some time, Oliver may still be tempted to look at short term consultancies that offer interesting challenges but she no longer does hands-on kitchen consulting.

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