If you are in the hospitality and tourism arena and your web developer and designer is a nerd who eats McDonalds and drinks Coke Zero and Red Bull you are working with the wrong person because they will have absolutely no comprehension as to what your web requirements are.


 Ann Oliver has an intimate knowledge of the restaurant business and also has extensive experience with food, and wine, tourism and accommodation.


She brings to her design work special skills writing business proposals for consultancies and converting them into stylish presentation documents for the electronic and print media.


Another core part of Oliver's design business is html newsletters and on-line marketing.  Ann Oliver offers a complete commercial graphics package starting with the logo. Book design is also part of Oliver's experience prior to stepping into the kitchen.


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Paracombe Wines.....www.paracombewines.com

Red Ochre Grill, Adelaide South Australia...www.redochre.com.au

River Cafe, Adelaide South Australia....www.rivercafe.com.au

Thorn Park by the Vines....www.thornpark.com.au

Living Focus....www.livingfocus.com.au




our web sites


Ann Oliver.....www.annoliver.com

Galaxy Guides....www.galaxyguides.com

cuisine-extreme....coming later 2017 will ultimately replace galaxyguides



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Southern Roack Lobster Chef News....


Windy Point Restaurant and Cafe

Lucias Fine Foods

Lyndey Milan

Mitchell Wines




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